Engineered Foundation Solutions for ALL of Your Water and Structural Needs

Our highly trained team of foundation technicians and our Professional Engineer are dedicated to providing you with the best solution for your structural issues.  Our engineer is licensed in PA, WV, and OH with a strong background in structural, civil, and mechanical engineering.  Our workforce is consistently trained and educated on the several methods EFS offers for foundation stabilization and waterproofing.  Every project comes complete with our Engineer’s Stamp of Approval.  Our company utilizes both nationally acclaimed procedures and materials.

Guaranteed Solutions for Your Water and/or Structural Issues

The common signs of water leakage including wet floors, dampness on carpets, rusting of metal appliances, salt deposits on walls caused by water passing through, growth of mold, foul odor and peeling or bulging of paint on walls can seriously damage your property.  At Engineered Foundation Solutions we offer patented products  for your specific waterproofing needs.

Sinking foundations, cracked and buckled walls, uneven floors and shifting foundations cause severe structural damage to your building.  This can endanger the safety of the occupants,  in addition to causing financial loss.  Offering a wide range of basement wall repair products, we ensure proper solutions for the specific structural needs of your property.